Many months after it was first announced, COMCAST has put their Internet usage meter online to track your bandwidth usage.

Your Comcast High-Speed Internet service has a monthly data usage allowance of 250 gigabytes (GB). If you are wondering whether you are at risk of exceeding this 250GB threshold, you should know that the vast majority – around 99% – of Comcast customers use significantly less than 250GB per month.

If you log into your Comcast account at and then go to the Users & Settings tab you will see the first view of the meter:


If you click on that View details link you will get an expanded view broken down by month:


Seems I have plenty of monthly bandwidth left to be used :-)

If you want to see all the FAQ’s behind the new monthly limit check out their Updated Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This has only rolled out in 25 states so far according to COMCAST – OR, WA, MA, MN, WI, NE, NH, NY, CT, VM, AR, KS, MO, CO, UT, AL, FL, GA, TN, SC, DE, MD, PA, WV, VA and DC.