It sounds like the beginning of a popular Christmas Carol doesn’t it?

As I just mentioned in an earlier post, Twitter has turned 4 years old, and the service has grown beyond what I think even the founders thought it would.

The Twitter service has also seen a cottage industry of applications crop up around it. Some are quite useful and others leave a lot to be desired. Some are just fun to use a few times, some just once and others to look at your Twitter friends and see how they fall out in the service.

A site I came across recently is one that you might only use once but never the less neat to use.  It examines your tweeting patterns and makes what is a fairly good estimation of when you sleep. 

Sleeping Time


My results were quite accurate!

The mind behind this service is @labnol – otherwise known as Amit Agarwal who runs the highly popular Digital Inspiration tech site.

The premise of the sleeping service is simple – you enter a yours or another Twitter users name and it takes a look at the last few hundred tweets and their timestamps to get an approximation of when someone is not tweeting. From that it is a fairly safe assumption that a user may be sleeping since they are not tweeting. Unless of course someone was invented a tool for tweeting while your asleep!