As I mentioned yesterday in my Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Live Wave 4 at MIX10 post, it is expected that today’s keynote address at the MIX10 Conference in Las Vegas will be all about Internet Explorer 9.

You will be able to watch the keynote live at the MIX10 website – http://live.visitmix.com – and it is scheduled for 12:00 PM (EDT) and should be about two hours long.

If you need some help deciphering when it will be on in your time zone/location then check out the World Clock – Time Zone Converter.

Having a developer version of IE9 available at the keynote today is a great thing – for developers. However, this version of IE9 is not really made to be installed and used by the general public. If history repeats itself I suspect we will see a public beta of IE9 within the next six months or so.

However, I am also a realist and realize many will download it and put it to use immediately. I am sure the IE9 developer download page will warn you about the risks, unfinished product, etc.

Whatever you do – stay safe and browse smartly.