So the folks over at Twitter have rolled out several new features to the web interface for Twitter over the last few days.

I discussed the update button in my So Are We Updating or Tweeting? post yesterday. On a personal note I am Tweeting instead of updating now ( :-)

They also changed the color of the new tweets highlight bar from yellow to blue (

The other significant change is the Tweet with your location feature. 


You have to opt in to this service in your Twitter Settings page to make it active. 

However, I do have an issue with this new feature which is an apparent limitation.

From the Twitter Support page about the Tweet With Your Location feature:

Which browsers support tweeting with location?

Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome on Windows support tweeting with location. To use this feature on with other browsers (older versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer), you’ll need to download Google Gears.

Now say all you want about browsers, etc. but I am none too thrilled about having to install a third party add-in to access this feature because I am a Internet Explorer user.  Same reaction I had to Google Wave and IE – you had to install an add-in to use it on IE.


What do you think?