Here is a short clip I shot during Endeavour’s launch earlier today from our front yard which is about 125 miles from the launch site.  It was a clear night unlike early Sunday morning when the first attempt was scrubbed due to low clouds over the launch facility.

I was at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex Saturday night until the scrub early Sunday AM. They have a great setup with a large screen showing the NASA-TV coverage of the launch preparations and every hour a commentator and astronaut came out and spoke to the crowd.  It was certainly enough to help keep us entertained.  The other thing that was a priority was trying to stay warm – it was around 40 degrees or so.

As the weather conditions started to deteriorate I was using Twitter search more and more to follow updates being tweeted by NASA employees, press and key people around the center to see what was happening with the count down and possible delay due to weather.

I was amazed at the level of info I could get through Twitter. I always heard or read info well before the launch commentator provided an update using the same information. Although I was disappointed at the scrub it was quite nice to have access to info at my fingertips.

I decided not to head back to Kennedy for the second launch attempt after a sleepless night for the scrub. The video above does not do justice to the launch and what it looks like but it certainly gives you a good idea of it.

There are only four more launches of the Space Shuttle left this year and this was the final night time launch. If you have never seen one before make sure you go before it passes into the history and fabric of our country.

Check out this awesome STS-130 Space Shuttle Endeavour Photo Gallery by @SpaceShuttlePix. This Twitter account scans Twitter (and other photo sharing sites) and finds related photos about STS-130 to add to the gallery automatically. A very clever use of Twitter and some great shots from all over.  They even have archives from past launches.