For an organization that has put restrictions on its own employees (players) use of Twitter the NFL is embracing the use of social media leading up to Super Bowl 44 on 07 Feb 2010.

The picture above shows a notice that was flashed on the big screens in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium during pre game activities at the 2010 Pro Bowl.  The premise is basic to almost any Twitter user – anything and everything you tweet relating to the Super Bowl they want you to tag it with #SB44.

Celebrate Super Bowl XLIV through the experiences of fans in South Florida and the rest of the world. Explore photos and tweets from fans tagged #SB44, the official tag of the Super Bowl. Want to be included in the experience? Make sure to include #SB44 in your Twitter posts and tag your photos on Flickr. Then come back often to see the excitement unfold!

That in turn will allow them to pick it up in their aggregate tweet collector that is here –


Personally I do not like the implementation of the page in that you have to click and drag it around to see the various Super Bowl tagged tweets. I would have preferred seeing a categorized scrolling screen or something like that. This feels like it is cluttered.  I am also not sure about the updating of the data as it looks exactly the same as what I saw Sunday when I first checked this page.

No matter the implementation it gives the fan and Twitters a voice and that is exactly part of the intent of social media.

Enjoy the week.