Customization is all the rage these days. Windows 7 has tons of options for making your Windows 7 powered PC your very own and now you have that same ability with your Windows Mobile Phone with Version 6.5 installed.

Just head over to the Windows Phone Custom Theme Creator and build your own.

The first step is to pick your phone from the list:


The next step is to color your phone and there are 7 default color schemes offered or you can create your own:


On the far right of that color menu is a selection to pick the style of notification box that will pop up. The three options are square, rounded or two toned.


The next step is to choose your wallpaper:


Once you click that upload button and select the graphic you want to use you get the wallpaper edit screen where you can adjust exactly what part of your selected wallpaper will be displayed on the phone.


This step lets you see what it will look like in both portrait and landscape modes. There is a slider button to adjust how much of the graphic is displayed on screen as well as buttons to flip the image both horizontally and vertically. Once you happy with it press the Keep button.

The next step is to generate your theme. When you press that button you will be giving the chance to name your theme and then choose to either send a download link to your phone or save it to your computer.


That is it. Now you have your very own theme that you can share with others or keep for yourself – it is completely up to you.