I am a huge fan of Windows Home Server (WHS). It is one of the finest implementations for a home server that takes care of business. I won’t repeat what I think of it here because I have written plenty of posts about WHS on this blog (Windows Home Server and WHS tags).

The reason I am writing this posting is to provide a solution to everyone out there who are using a combination of Windows 7 and Windows Home Server on their networks.

Ever since Windows 7 entered this house, and yes it was an authorized entry, I have always gotten a brief alert as our computers boot up that indicates there is no Spyware Protection installed on the computer. The alert looks like this:


The red icon is the WHS Systray icon that is usually green.  Now as soon as I clear this alert, and yes I have Spyware Protection installed on all of my computers, the WHS icon goes green and I never hear a peep out of it again about no spyware protection being installed. That is until I reboot the computer and then it happens all over again.

Now I have just accepted this as a quirk and was not worried because I know my systems are protected. However, being the tweaker and geek I am I can not stand to have something out of place so this has always bugged me in the back of my head.

Well it will not bug me anymore thanks to a tip from William Crawford.

Just type services.msc into your Start Menu search box and hit return when you get this program link:


That in turn will open up the Services Applet and you will need to find the service named Security Center:


Double Click the Security Center entry and you will get the Security Center services window:


Now, right in the middle of the page is a drop down menu labeled Startup type: This is set to Automatic (Delayed Start) by default. Click on the drop down menu and change it to Automatic:


Click OK to save your changes and then exit out of the services application window. Your now done – no reboot required.

That is unless of course you want to test the lack of a false indication about Spyware Protection not being installed :-)