9:29:53 PM: Preparing to live blog Microsoft Keynote Address for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Waiting for live stream –

9:30:28 PM: Here is the address for the Live Blog post if your following on the website –

9:34:11 PM: Seems they are delayed or live feed isn’t up and running. Based on some tweets it may have started without the live feed being "live"

9:36:57 PM: So they seem to be having a power problem from what I am reading on my Twitter #ces feed.

9:40:24 PM: Someone on Twitter just said that the keynote is delayed due to computer crashes – umm the power went out.

9:40:38 PM: OK the live stream is now up at

9:44:43 PM: The live feed is now saying the show starts in 5 minutes.

9:57:34 PM: OK – we are starting for real – President of CES is on stage – the right one :-)

10:00:22 PM: Live Stream is here –

10:01:23 PM: Here he comes – CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer – still has a very nice sweater on this year as well :-)

10:02:01 PM: That is a massive screen on the back of the stage!

10:02:51 PM: Showing a video from Seth Meyer from Saturday Night Live.

10:03:54 PM: Seth Meyers is thanking technology for all his goof ups being exposed :-)

10:06:22 PM: Going to talk about 3 aspects of technology – the screen and TV – the Cloud – Natural User Interface (NUI).

10:07:09 PM: Talking about the differences between what we have compared to the 1980’s. Bing Bing Bing – We Bing Bing Bing – at least in my world we do.

10:08:26 PM: Long term prospects for the technology field.

10:08:43 PM: 2009 was a good year for what Microsoft delivered.

10:09:18 PM: Xbox360 – changed how social entertainment happens – Twitter, PING.FM and Facebook integrated to Xbox Live. Talking about NATAL.

10:09:56 PM: 39 million Xbox360’s around the world as of today. 500 million game sold since first Xbox was shipped.

10:10:47 PM: Talking about growing share share with Bing. Redefines what search should do for consumers. Wants to understand and anticipate a searcher.

10:12:12 PM: Tonight momentum continues – Bing is about to become default search engine on HP PC’s and start page in more than 40 countries.

10:12:51 PM: Fiat has now sold its 1 millionth car with Blue and Me and EcoDrive apps.

10:13:24 PM: The default home page will be MSN on all those HP PC’s around the world.

10:14:12 PM: Zune HD getting rave reviews – marketplace expanded to 17 countries. Will expand to other platforms.

10:14:48 PM: Talking about Windows Phones and Windows Mobile 6.5 – showing off HD2 that will be available through T-Mobile.

10:15:10 PM: Biggest hit of the year in 2009 was Windows 7 launch. No surprise that it is one of his favorite topics.

10:16:21 PM: Talking about Windows 7 and how it is impacting users today and that it met the goals they had for it. Did it by working with customers.

10:17:03 PM: Collaboration between Microsoft and us. 50,000 partners, 3,000 engineers and 8 million beta testers made it incredible.

10:17:50 PM: US Retail Data shows Windows sales jumped 50% when it launched. Black Friday retailers sold increased numbers of PC’s with Windows 7 on them

10:18:25 PM: 99% satisfaction rate with early adopters of Windows 7.

10:18:57 PM: No more popular device in the world except the PC.

10:20:08 PM: RT @hp_pc: You’ve heard the rumors re: HP and a brand new piece of technology. Now, want the truth? Stay tuned to

10:20:51 PM: Unprecedented array of products, programs and hardware since release of Windows 7. Quality, Value and choice can not be matched.

10:21:07 PM: Windows 7 is a rising tide that has lifted many boats within our business.

10:21:49 PM: Ryan Asdourian – he did the demos of Windows 7 at the launch in New York City in October.

10:22:32 PM: All In One PC’s. Lenovo A300 thinnest on the market. All touch enabled.

10:23:37 PM: They are showing off some of the hardware that was also at the NYC launch. Fast wake up from sleep mode on that Adamo.

10:24:24 PM: I like my ASUS Netbook as well – makes travel much easier. With Windows 7 runs very well. These run full version – not Starter Edition!

10:25:07 PM: Showing some gamer rigs now. DX11 cards and support. Most realistic gaming experience on the planet. He needs driving lessons :-)

10:26:03 PM: This was also on display in October – 3D glasses with Batman Arkham Asylum. Looked very good on large screen HDTV.

10:26:32 PM: Small form factor PC’s to power up your TV with Media Center.

10:26:56 PM: Blew the tube of a big TV/PC when the power went out. Ouch.

10:28:07 PM: Digital Reading: Kindle, Sony, Nook. Showing off Blio reader. 1 million books for download.

10:29:07 PM: Apparently the spelling for this app is Blio. He is taking a test on the material and it reads to you as well.

10:30:37 PM: Using Skydrive to share files. Feature of Windows Live and Office working together on same file. Showing Device Stage for the camera.

10:31:41 PM: Developers….

10:32:10 PM: Online Collaboration with Office 2010 and Skydrive.

10:32:35 PM: Knocking on the Seattle Seahawks football season. That is not cool.

10:33:12 PM: Showing off Bing Maps and detail that is available. Streetside transition is very slick.

10:33:48 PM: Made it snow on the Bing Map.

10:34:27 PM: TV Powered PC’s. Showing off cable card and Media Center.

10:34:44 PM: Records 4 HD channels at one time.

10:35:08 PM: TV Anywhere to watch without an add on card. Cool.

10:35:58 PM: Discussing Zune Marketplace and accessing from the PC.

10:36:46 PM: Seems the power outage reset many of their preset demos.

10:38:14 PM: Windows Media Center. Is Ryan really the Seahawks Mascot?

10:40:17 PM: Microsoft Media Room. Avail today – 4 million users watching TV with this software. AT&T Uverse uses this amongst others.

10:41:21 PM: 2.0 Version of Media room enables paid TV service over other devices. Based on Silverlight technoloogies.

10:42:58 PM: All this content can be taken with you on your Windows Mobile phone. Windows TV app – similar to Windows Mobile Marketplace I guess.

10:43:16 PM: So entertainment and content is spreading across our devices.

10:44:53 PM: Showing off Slate PC’s. Pegatron, Arcos, and HP. Is this the tablet announcement everyone was talking about?

10:45:30 PM: Entertainment on the Go devices – in marketplace this year. Showing off HP device now. Showing HP video of device.

10:46:55 PM: That was a very short video of the HP Slate Device. Runs Kindle for PC software. Seth Meyers is back again on video.

10:47:28 PM: LOL 1983 Graphics in a game. Playing Frogger.

10:48:09 PM: 1991 Mobile technology. Using a brick of a cell phone.

10:48:44 PM: The Internet and dial up networking – slow modems bring back memories.

10:49:13 PM: President of Entertainment and Devices Division Robbie Bach on stage now.

10:50:18 PM: Talking Entertainment. He is a good speaker – does not seem stilted or scripted.

10:51:11 PM: Xbxo360 – innovations over last 5 years have been "game changing" Pardon the pun.

10:52:34 PM: Mass Effect 2 26 Jan; Splinter Cell in Feb; Call of Duty MW2 Content Packs this Spring. Fable III; Sequel to Crackdown 1.5 million fans.

10:54:25 PM: Halo gets a bit of applause. I think it was Paul Thurrott :-) I like Master Chief myself – great character.

10:55:09 PM: Halo Reach – they are doign a prequel like Star Wars did. These events occurred before Halo 1. Ahh we areblanked out on the live stream.

10:55:48 PM: So I wonder how the demo of Halo Reach is?

10:57:37 PM: Fall of 2010 it is coming to Xbox360 – Halo Reach. Multiplayer beta this Spring if you have Halo ODST.

10:58:33 PM: In 2010 Xbox Live adding non-gaming experiences to other than gamers. Last week busiest week – adding new user every second? Wow.

10:59:44 PM: 4,000 downloads for Guitar Hero since the keynote began. 4 million have logged into social media in Xbox Live since it launched last year.

11:01:24 PM: Zune Marketplace and Video can now be played on any screen in your home if you bought or rented it.

11:02:42 PM: Talking about Game Room on Xbox360 and on your Windows 7 PC to play these. As well as showing off to your friends.

11:03:02 PM: Video of this new feature is blocked on the live feed. :-(

11:03:38 PM: 1,000 games over the next 3 years on Game Room. Buy them once and play on Xbox360 and PC – same achievements, saves, etc.

11:04:53 PM: They are now starting to talk about Natural User Interface (NUI). Is this leading to Natal?

11:06:15 PM: Project Natal. I wonder if they will show something. Show a developer video form the Natal Team.

11:08:21 PM: Natal changes to the player and how they do things as opposed to the user having to adapt motion to the technology.

11:09:59 PM: Project Natal available this holiday 2010 season. Will work with existing Xbox360 console. 2010 biggest year in Xbox history.

11:11:55 PM: OK Robbie Bach is done now. Is that end of the keynote? Showing a closing video.

11:12:22 PM: I guess that wraps up the keynote address for this year at CES for Microsoft. Thanks for following the live blog.

Wrap Up Comments: I wish there had been more news – nothing about Windows Live Wave 4; no mention of the Courier Tablet that was expected although I think the HP Slate PC was probably what the rumors were about. I guess we will now see what else comes out of CES over the next few days. Still expecting some big announcements in several areas.