OK everyone I am looking for your help.  I just had some of the best graphic design work done for me by @Corrina2008 who I met via Twitter.  If you want to see other examples of her design work just check out her Corrina’s iPapers website where she has some great iPhone wallpapers available.

Anyway, onwards to my dilemma. @Corrina2008 has done such great work on the three banners that she designed that I can not make up my mind which one I want to put up in the WindowsObserver.com header on a permanent basis.

That is where you come in. Take a look at the banners and vote in our poll to pick which is your favorite.  When the poll closes I will then place the most popular design at the top of WindowsObserver.com.

Banner 1


Banner 2


Banner 3


You can click on each one of these images to make them larger. After your done perusing the entries please vote below for your favorite below.

Thanks for your help.

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