twitterlogo and eBay  

In what appears to be a small marketing revolution or maybe a quick money grab there are several Auction/Buy It Now items on eBay that are tied to tweeting your message to various numbers of followers on someone else’s account.  I counted 10 in just a few minutes of searching.

Though each is slightly different the basic service is the same.  The seller will tweet your ad or message of 140 characters or less to their followers.  Sometimes they are all in one account and in others it is a cumulative accounting of followers across several of them. 

The number of times your tweet gets sent is also different in each item.  Sometimes it is one single 140 character tweet that costs you $2.99 to go out to over 17,000 followers. In other items it is sent 3 times a day for anywhere up to a week and can cost you $20 for about 21 tweets.

One item is advertising the sale of 10,000,000 tweets over the course of time. Yes that is 1 million! The cost? Only $1,000.  The same seller is also offering a gain of 100,000 followers on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter combined for the low price of $3,000.

Sounds like bargains to me…NOT!

I must give some credit to these folks. It is creative. Not the last two mind you but the other ones that offered to send a tweet for you to their followers.

However, here is the issue – there is no guarantee your going to get 17,000 visits, followers, pageviews, etc. with a tweet going out to that many people. In fact, I am confident it will be much, much less than that.  However, there are many believers out there – one specific seller had at least 24 $6 transactions in the last 90 days for his tweeting service – a profit of $132. No doubt some nice pocket change.

I for one will stick to my normal mode of operations for my account on Twitter and share info with everyone free of charge!