It has been just over a year since I joined the console gaming community with the purchase of my Xbox360.

As I said then I will say again now – I have not looked back at the PC as my gaming platform with the exception of being part of the beta test of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online.

I am part of a great network of gamers (Goozex) who swap games back and forth for points towards future trades so I am able to try out other games with minimal investment.

The other thing I have learned over the last year is that gamers like to keep track of their achievements and Gamer Score – thus the reason for this post.

I found a very handy Windows Gadget for Vista and Seven that displays your Xbox360 Avatar and a simple click displays your gamer profile.

Avatar360 can be downloaded from the Windows Live Gallery.


Once installed just click on this icon in your Gadget Gallery.


This is it for options – just type in a Gamertag here – either yours or a friends.


Here is what the gadget looks like on your desktop.  It will match your Xbox Live avatar from your console.


When you click on your avatar’s belly, I hear they are not ticklish, then you get this flyout with your gamer card on it.

Click on your gamer picture and it will take you to your profile on Xbox Live. Click on one of the game icons and it will take you to that games achievement page on Xbox Live.

Since there is no password needed to display this you can run multiple instances of this gadget on your desktop. A great way to keep track of your gaming friends without being logged into Xbox Live.