This post is from the links I tweeted 4 days ago just prior to us leaving on our trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia.  Connectivity was only via cell phone when we came down off the mountain so I was unable to post this in a timely manner.  I was also unable to tweet any links throughout the trip. 

Today I will be catching up on reading thru my news and notes and putting some links online at Twitter so tonight’s posting should be very healthy and full of links. :-)

Thanks and enjoy.

  • Slacker Radio tunes into Twitter
  • Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail compromised
  • Windows 7 | 20 4 7 | Day 4 | DirectAccess
  • Windows Home Server Add-ins: Lights-Out, WebGuide, and Whiist
  • Free Windows 7 Seminar with Mark Russinovich
  • Ballmer: Windows 7 to Provide Just a Small Bump
  • Guest blogger – Penny Sharpe MLC
  • Microsoft Multitouch Mouse: First Video of Prototypes