Back on Thursday Twitter told everyone via their status blog that they were going to make some adjustments to the Follower and Following counts:

However, a consequence of this change is that follower counts will drop for some people. In particular, those with large followings may see significant changes as we correct for spam accounts and data inconsistencies. No legitimate followings should be affected—we’re just cleaning up artifacts in the system.

Well as you can see by the above graphic – my count took a 439 follower hit between 23 and 24 Jul.  Of course some of those losses were gained back throughout the day from new Followers but all in all a pretty good hit.

One thing I was not really clear about based on the status update – was this just a number correction for those counts to account for removed accounts earlier in the timeline or were the actual accounts removed that night/day of the drop?

I guess in the long run it doesn’t matter if they are getting rid of the real spammy accounts.

So how many Followers did you numbers drop?