The speculation has begun!  Twitter is afire with tweets about Windows 7 RTM having happened and the suspected build number.

Long Zheng of the website, a huge Windows and Microsoft enthusiast, has even chimed in with his own web site about this RTM question called Has Windows 7 RTMed?

Right now it is showing a resounding yes and the suspected build number and personally I have not know Long to be wrong very often about these kind of things.



Of course if it has that means subscribers to Microsoft’s Technet and MSDN programs will get a shot at RTM very soon.  Official retail availability has already been put at 22 October 2009 and pre-orders are being accepted through retailers across the web as well as the Microsoft Store.  The special Pre-Order program has come to an end as of yesterday for the US.  It has now started up for the UK and other European locations although the exchange rate is not all that good.

Other good news surfaced this week that shows current Windows 7 Release Candidate users will be able to use purchased upgrade media to move over to the RTM version of Windows 7. Thanks to Dwight Silverman for his blog entry about this – A major Windows 7 upgrade question gets an answer – where you can read more details on how that will work.  BLUF it works but for a clean install only – you will still have to reinstall all your software, etc.

If your interested in being part of the conversation about what works and does not work  in Windows 7 please join us at my post from a couple of days ago – Windows 7 – What Do You Think? There is still plenty of time to possibly win some I’M A PC stickers and mousepad that I am giving away.