Where the heck R U? That is the question asked at the main page of a new Microsoft Social Media Site called Windows Live Planet.

Wouldn’t you love an online destination just like your favourite Friday evening watering hole? Hanging, checking out interesting faces and making lots of new friends!

That is how the About Us page at Windows Live Planet starts off.  There are two domain names that I have found that relate to this site – www.wlplanet.com (registered to a consulting company located in India) and www.windowsliveplanet.com (registered to One Microsoft Way in Redmond, Washington).

The graphics on the site are very modern and hip – at least in the perception of this older fella :-) Target audience is probably the younger crowd – maybe the day will come when us older, middle-age online folks will get a proper social media site for us.  Anyway, that is fodder for another blog post.


This site is a Microsoft India initiative that is intended to hook you up with other people that have similar interests.  Of course that means you need to complete the profile on the site otherwise it will likely have a hard time finding your matches.


As expected the site is integrated with Windows Live ID and you can tie your Windows Live ID to your account at Windows Live Planet to make signing in easy and quick.  They have also embedded Windows Live Messenger in the web page so you can chat right within your web browser and not even have to leave the site.

I wonder when this site becomes a major investment for Microsoft and it really hits main stream instead of being an experiment?