If you use Windows Live Movie Maker Beta then you want to be sure to download this update before the 30th of June so you can continue to use it.  Without this update your copy of WLMM Beta will cease to work on the 30th.

Windows Live Movie Maker is part of Microsoft’s Live Essentials and is their entry into the home movie editing and creation software market.  Windows Live Movie Maker was never meant to be a top of the line editing program.  It is intended to be simple to use and allow  home users to be able to create movies with simple transitions, music tracks, etc.

If your expecting a $500 editing suite then you need to go elsewhere – you will certainly be disappointed in WLMM.  However,  if you want to be be able to create something to share with family and friends via the web without having to spend money on the software to do it – well then this program just might fit the bill.