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Windows 7, what more can I say?
MacMod – Athens,GA,USA
Windows 7 comparison really shows what kind of people are backing Windows 7 … "Microsoft are much better, in my opinion, at the dumbing down type of
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WiFi Goes Virtual in Windows 7
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA
According to Long Zheng, the idea of Virtual WiFi was first explored by Microsoft Research and is now an official feature of Windows 7.
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Automatic commercial skipping comes to Windows 7
By Ben Drawbaugh
When considering any software upgrade it is important to check and make sure all of your other software will work on the new platform; so as expected many have been holding out on testing Windows Media Center on Windows 7 full time
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Three Windows 7 E-Learning Clinics Up | Windows 7 News
By Martin
Microsoft Learning is providing three Windows 7 E-Learning clinics. The courses have been designed with three different audiences in mind and can be accessed by.
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Windows 7 is my Last Hope for The Windows OS « Keith Line
By Keith Line
I hope that Windows 7 goes leaps and bounds above it’s hype. I hope that for once, Microsoft actually listens to what their users want. If Windows 7 does not do the job, my time with Microsoft will end. I want to add the following to my
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The CTRAN weblog » Blog Archive » Windows 7 adds native Virtual
By Chris
Now you might be asking, “I’ve looked at every nook and cranny of Windows 7 RC, how come I haven’t seen this feature?”. Surprisingly, the feature is in Windows 7 today and has been for quite some time apparently, but hasn’t been exposed
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