“Now Kindle is a Family”


That is the tag line being used on Amazon’s main page to advertise the availability of its latest version of the Kindle, a portable reading device that can wireless access hundreds and thousands of publications, books, blogs, etc.

Well I think this family might be just a little bit dysfunctional right now with the addition of the Kindle DX – a bigger better version of the previously released Kindle 2. Now this newest member of the Kindle family is the king of the hill compared to its older siblings.

Here is Amazon’s own comparison between the two items:


Now tell me – if you had just bought a Kindle 2 in the last 3 months and then saw Amazon release this newer and more capable version in that short period of time – would you be upset?

I understand technology changes all the time – things are dated no sooner than you buy it however, the rub with this situation is that they must have known about the DX when they were publicizing the Kindle 2 and making a market for it with Kindle 1 users.  No way that Kindle DX came up after the Kindle 2 was marketed and sold.

Now you might be wondering why I am barking about this – I have no dog in this show – never bought any of the Kindle’s and currently no plan to buy one.  I just get frustrated to see something like this happen and I would not like being on the short end of the Kindle so to speak.

Hopefully, Amazon will make good on those who bought the Kindle 2 in good faith and give them a trade in or upgrade option.  Seems only fair.

What do you think?