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RE[5]: Mistake on Microsoft windows 7 site
OS News – USA
Yeah, my bad, I think my sarcasm meter needs a tune up. Can’t help it though, I have a lot of love for the BSD projects. Reader comments are owned by the
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Microsoft Tweaks Windows 7 Antipiracy Mechanism
ChannelWeb – Manhasset,NY,USA
Apparently cognizant of this, Microsoft has given the antipiracy technology built into Windows 7 a new name: Windows Activation Technologies.
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Windows 7, One Step Further Along
New York Times – United States
By Stephen Williams The release candidate (RC) for Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system—the penultimate version of the OS, and not guaranteed to be
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Windows 7 Has Me Sold — Here’s Why
PC World – USA
In doing this for my new Spotlight book on Windows 7 for Que, I’ve found some really cool features I didn’t even know existed. In case you missed them too,
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Microsoft dumps notorious ‘WGA’ name, keeps anti-piracy tech in
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
By Gregg Keizer May 7, 2009 (Computerworld) Microsoft has renamed its anti-piracy technology and, starting with Windows 7, will downplay the components that
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Researchers Release Bootkit Code Targeting Windows 7
eWeek – New York, NY
Two researchers have open sourced code that can be used to take control of versions of Microsoft’s Windows 7 (x64) operating system.
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Windows 7 RC: Two New Features Worth a Look
CIO – Framingham,MA,USA
By Shane O’Neill May 07, 2009 — CIO — While the hot-off-the-presses Windows 7 release candidate has no radical changes from the beta version released in
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Most PCs Can’t Run Windows 7 ‘XP Mode’
PC Magazine – USA
Wouldn’t it be nifty if you could run XP-specific apps in an "XP Mode" in Windows 7? The OS is capable of doing just that, though your computer probably
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Windows 7 "XP mode" won’t work on some PCs
Yahoo! Tech – Sunnyvale,CA,USA
One of the most recently added features to Windows 7 — a feature which has a lot of people awfully excited — is the introduction of what is being called
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After Merging CPU And Graphics Units, AMD Applauds Windows 7
ChannelWeb – Manhasset,NY,USA
"We are excited to offer our customers an opportunity to test the release candidate of the Windows 7 operating system on AMD technology-based desktops and
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Windows 7 Piracy Prevention to be less annoying | Windows 7 Center
By Al
With Windows 7 RC, we’ve seen that Microsoft is starting to come out of the anti-piracy bubble by giving away Windows 7 RC to everyone for a year. Today,
Windows 7 Center –

Mozilla Doesn’t Like the Way Windows 7 Boosts Internet Explorer
By Sam Dean
Read about trends, technologies and best practices covered by experienced Giga Omni Media editors and writers. Participate in daily blog discusions and post your thoughts and opinions.
OStatic blogs –

Speed Test: Windows 7 May Not Be Much Faster Than Vista –
By Nick Mediati
Though Windows 7 edged out Vista in PC World’s lab tests, users may not notice much of a difference in speed. – News –

Installing Windows 7 RC straight from the ISO – Computer Chips
By Joel Evans
Earlier this week we mentioned that Windows 7 RC (release candidate) would be made available for the general public. Well, Microsoft has come through and it is now available and you can download it from –

Windows 7 Users Warned Over Filename Security Risk /
By John Lister
Would-be Windows 7 users have been warned to change a default setting which could leave them vulnerable to attack via bogus files. As a result, Microsoft is taking flak for failing to correct a problem found in previous editions of | Main Feed –