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Help wanted – desperately
The Sun Daily – Malaysia
Have you noticed that men can run incredibly complicated machines like nuclear power plants, interplanetary spacecraft and Windows Vista computers but are
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How many Intel CPUs will fail the XP Mode test in Windows 7?
ZDNet Blogs – USA
When Windows Vista launched, Intel and Microsoft both got a black eye over the infamous “Vista Capable” logo. That sticker was slapped on PCs running some
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KELLNER: Linux alternatives to Windows, Mac
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Costs for Linux programs are lower, and the bad taste left by Windows Vista for many users might also be a factor. Microsoft’s Windows 7 looms on the
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5 reasons why you might want to switch from XP to Windows 7
Özel Web Tasarım – Turkey
Windows XP is an excellent operating system. Most Windows users are still using Windows XP after, Windows Vista and other variants.
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RE: Secure XP
OS News – USA
I think that UAC complaints are both fair and unfair to Vista. In Vista, it gives the definite impression of being an after-the-fact add-on because you
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Windows Vista Info Website – Website Babble Webmaster Forums
By That Guy Benz
I have finally focused my website on Windows Vista. My website will contain tutorials and various articles about features in Windows Vista. What else.
Website Babble Webmaster Forums –

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is available – but only on MSDN and
By woody
As I erroneously announced a few days ago, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is now available for download, but only if you subscribe to (and pay for) Microsoft’s MSDN or TechNet services. The official description: Windows Vista Service Pack –

Windows Tip of the Day: Windows Vista: Changing the Domain to a
By UberGeek316
Windows Vista: Changing the Domain to a Workgroup. Changing the domain to a workgroup: Go into System Properties control panel; Under “Computer Name, Domain, Workgroup Settings” section press the “Change Settings” link
Windows Tip of the Day – » Lake Sunset HD Wallpaper » Windows Vista
By admin
Awesome High Definition (HD) wallpaper for your Windows Vista desktop. Title: Lake Sunset HD Wallpaper Author: tm4rt Download: Lake Sunset HD Wallpaper… –