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About-face: Microsoft disables Autorun
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Now, however, Microsoft will disable Autorun in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP soon, according to another company blog. Microsoft did not return
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Save energy with a good power plan for a Vista notebook
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
My Windows Vista laptop bit the dust last week due to an unfortunate accident, and I was forced to make a decision about my next portable system.
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Windows 7 Compatibility Issues May Mar Enterprise Adoption
eWeek – New York, NY
Application compatibility, or lack thereof, was one of the torpedoes that sank Windows Vista–too many users and organizations found that operating system’s
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Acer nails Windows 7 for October release
Register – London,England,UK
Acer, the world’s joint second largest manufacturer of PCs, has reportedly given October 23 as the date when Microsoft’s successor to Windows Vista will
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Report: Apple eyes Mac pricing cuts
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
4 of which run Windows Vista (and runs it well, i like vista and have not had any problems). i’ve been a naysayer of apple products since prob around
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Microsoft Modifies Windows to Thwart Conficker
IT Business Edge – Louisville,KY,USA
way to identify the origin of these entries." Similar changes are in the works for Windows XP and Windows Vista, but there is no timeline for that tack yet.
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Microsoft rethinks AutoPlay to counter growing threat of malware
HEXUS – London,UK
The change in functionality is expected to appear in next week’s Windows 7 Release Candidate, and will be implemented into Windows XP and Windows Vista via
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Windows AutoRun gets a makeover to combat malware
ZDNet Blogs – USA
The changes, detailed on Redmond’s Security Research & Defense blog, have been built into Windows 7 will be back-ported to Windows Vista and Windows XP in
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More on Firefox 3.0.10
Atlantic Online – USA
The living nightmare that was my experience with Windows Vista, starting with a Vista beta back in 2006, has made me wary of trying any beta version of
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Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate: What to Expect
eWeek – New York, NY
Microsoft strongly, and rightly, recommends that people running Windows 7 Beta 1 start over from Windows Vista. That means installing a fresh copy of
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Windows Vista Magazine | Download free Windows 7 ebooks
You may want to read these articles of mine on Windows Vista resource kit e-book , Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition and Windows Vista Performance and Tuning. Now, with the upcoming release of Windows 7 (Windows 7 RC is […]
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Windows Vista SP2 released on Microsoft Technet Plus – Neowin Forums
107822. Quote – (supa @ Apr 30 2009, 09:38) *. I can’t seem to login to my Technet Plus Sub. Anyone having this issue? I can’t login to technet right now either. I am sure the site is being hammered between vista sp2 and windows 7 rc.
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Microsoft: Vista SP2 is Done! | Maximum PC
By Andy Salisbury
At long last, Microsoft has confirmed that Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 is complete, by releasing it to select manufacturers. It even hit torrents, hours before it was officially announced on the Windows
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Windows 7 to make public debut May 5 | ABS-CBN News Online Beta
By Agence France-Presse
"Windows 7 shows significant promise," Forrester Research analyst Ben Gray wrote in an independent report on the operating system. "Start preparing for it now, and the best way to prepare for Windows 7 is by deploying Windows Vista."
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Microsoft Completes Work On Windows Vista SP2 — InformationWeek
The service pack has officially been released to manufacturing and should be ready to ship soon.

Windows 7 – It’s like Vista, only less annoying • The Register
So it should be – this machine has 3GB RAM – but a common complaint in Windows Vista’s early days was that even powerful machines became slow and