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Windows 7 Security Enhancements Summed Up
eWeek – New York, NY
The evidence that Windows Vista is far more secure than XP, both in theory and in practice, is abundant. With new features and standards Microsoft hopes to
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Windows 7 features you’ll love (Feature)
Monsters and – USA
Rumours are flying that Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista. The ‘release candidate’ of the new
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Microsoft’s Windows, Office profits slip again
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
"Windows Vista was received poorly enough and 7 is getting good enough reviews that I think there will be a lot of consumers doing in-place upgrades [to
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Handling Client OS Upgrades – Lincoln,NE,USA
Windows Vista’s reception has been less than spectacular, at least from an enterprise perspective. Microsoft’s shiny new operating system landed in early
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PC World

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 Works as Promised…But Is It Worth
PC World – USA
That’s the promise made by Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 ($35, 15-day free trial), which despite its name works with Windows XP as well as Windows Vista.
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Windows 2003/Windows/Vista – Germany
SolarWinds Exchange Monitor läuft unter Windows 2003, Windows, Vista, die Dateigröße beträgt 8,41 MByte und das letzte Update wurde am 22.
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Speeding Windows Vista Startup
informIT – Old Tappan,NJ,USA
By Ed Tittel Do you find your Windows Vista boot time slowing you down? In this analysis of techniques for speeding Windows Vista boot times,
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Ubuntu 9.04 officially released, available for free download – USA
comes standard with the Compiz Fusion 3D desktop, which enables some really amazing effects (and here, and here) that puts Windows Vista to shame.
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Windows 7 RC Release May 5th | Brett’s Tech Blog | Brett Richardson
By brett
To be honest, I think once it’s “officially” out, I’m going to rid myself of Windows Vista that I mainly use on my laptop when I’m out on my business trips, but that’s a bit of time away. So anyway, I’m back in town, and on the lookout
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Download CPU Multi-Gauge for Cisco 1.06 Free trial – Monitor CPU
Use the Router CPU Load when documenting your network to help create a baseline and identify high load periods. A key feature is the ability to monitor several devices at once. Requirements: Windows XP SP2 or Vista
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Microsoft sales drop for first time in 23 years
September 6th, 2006 One of the core architects of Windows Vista is leaving Microsoft weeks after it emerged he would be re-assigned once Vista operating system is launched. Valentine led Windows code engineering for seven years and is
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