Well actually this isn’t an introduction – more like a get reacquainted session and meeting a new member of the family.

Microsoft Fix It came out a few months ago and is fully integrated into various knowledge base articles to give you a simple and fast method of implementing a fix to any issues that you might have with Microsoft software. Personally, I prefer this method instead of editing the registry myself – lots less chance to mess something up :-)

A quote from their About Fix It page:

Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Fix it. We’re working hard to automate solutions to common software problems in an easy, intuitive way that is available when and where you need it. So whether you are looking for a solution in help or support content, or an error report, Fix it provides a way to apply automated fixes, workarounds, or configuration changes so you don’t have to perform a long list of manual steps yourself.


On each page in the knowledge base that has a Fix It solution ready for it you will see the above dialog on the page.

All you have to do is click the Microsoft Fix It icon or text below it and the solution will be ready to download and run on your system to apply the fix.

Currently there are Microsoft Fix It solutions in the following categories:

Now for the new addition to the family – a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget!


Here is what the gadget looks like on your sidebar. You can see the name of each Fix It solution and how many times it has been downloaded for use.


Here is the flyout when you click on one of the Fix It solutions.  This includes the Knowledge Base article number, how many times it has been download and last date modified.

With this gadget you will get a heads up on the latest fixes out there that you might need. I think this is a very handy addition to the Microsoft Fix It family!