As I was browsing my RSS feeds in Outlook I came across a post from Jon Box who is an Architect Evangelist in Developer & Platform Evangelism with the Microsoft Corporation.

He has a terrific post that talks about the features you can expect in the various versions of Windows 7. 

He starts off with this graphic to show how each version builds to the next one:


As you can see above each successive version adds to the features of the version before it until ultimately (pun intended) you get to Windows 7 Ultimate which has all of the features of the 4 previous versions.

In his post he mainly focuses on the last three versions – here is what he says about them:

Of course as we have already heard – no special stuff for the Ultimate version like there was in Windows Vista Ultimate although I would not mind seeing some of those games make their way to Windows 7!

I am not sure about you all but I am getting very excited about Windows 7.  I continue to believe that this is going to like Windows XP was to Windows ME – a huge success.