8:44:15 AM: Heading to the NAS Jax GC to get ready for our birthday tourney. Currently raining but weather guessers promise it will stop in an hour!

8:49:19 AM: http://tinyurl.com/dy2jhd – Link for Live Blog Entry at my website as I do this test of the WordPress Live Blogging Plugin from @thisismash.

8:54:05 AM: Looks like Twitter @ names do not turn into links. Will have to ask @thisismash to see if he can add that functionality.

9:14:20 AM: Wow – weather guy nailed it. Sky is lightening up and rain is subsiding!

9:19:56 AM: Today will be the first time I have used my new custom set of irons the wife bought me 6 weeks ago.

9:47:59 AM: My good friend @NEFLRealtor – he always has great knickers to play golf in. http://twitpic.com/2og07

9:52:36 AM: How wet it is out here – cart path only today. http://twitpic.com/2og6u

9:58:38 AM: Par number 6 Red – our first hole for shotgun start.

10:07:32 AM: Par on number 7 Red. Had a birdie putt about 13 feet out – we missed right.

10:21:19 AM: Birdie on nbr 8 Red. Used my drive and one mulligan to nail the 10 foot birdie.

10:27:59 AM: Weather guy missed it – raining again. By the way he is in our foursome. Makes it easy to give him a hard time! :-)

10:38:52 AM: Par on number 9 Red – moving to White 1 now. While approaching 9 Red a crow jumped in our cart and swiped my Snickers bar! A good laugh.

10:50:05 AM: Par on White 1. Rain is soft and steady. We still like the weather goy anyway!

10:50:45 AM: In case you keeping score we are -1. Playing best ball format.

11:05:38 AM: Another par – White 2. Still at one under after 6 holes.

11:09:39 AM: Kaz from our foursome teeing off.

11:10:45 AM: Sorry here is Kaz’s photo. http://twitpic.com/2oirz

11:20:09 AM: Another par on White 3 – long long birdie putt.

11:30:52 AM: I just hit my best shot so far today with my new irons. 8 iron within 10 feet – birdie putt!

11:36:10 AM: BIRDIE on White 4 – we are now at 2 under after 8.

11:46:12 AM: Two birdies in a row. That was White 5. It did take one of our team mulligan’s. About a 12 footer.

11:56:33 AM: Just nailed my drive on this par 5 – 255 yards! Wish I could do that consistently!

12:04:38 PM: In case your wondering about my tweets I am live blogging our foursome in a golf tourney. See entire entry at http://WindowsObserver.com

12:08:20 PM: Missed a 6 foot birdie putt and used up a couple of mulligans in the process. :-( Par on this par 5.

12:09:02 PM: They just closed the course due to threat of lightening. It is pouring right now.

12:18:15 PM: Back at the clubhouse. I think my website died with the live blogging!

12:26:34 PM: Well it looks like we are done. We still like the weather guy though. He got us 10 holes out here today. Thanks for following the live blog!