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Microsoft uses TruCast to build community for Windows 7
ZDNet Blogs – USA
An even bigger job: He’s also responsible for creating community around Windows 7. Rose primarily works with the Springboard group, an offshoot of Microsoft
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Windows 7 will have instant upgrade option
Inquirer – Harrow,England,UK
By Stewart Meagher WINDOWS 7 WILL HAVE a feature called Anytime Upgrade to purportedly allow cheapskate users to cough up for a fuller-featured version of
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Windows 7 Enterprise: the university edition
ZDNet Blogs – USA
We’ve all heard the stories about Windows 7 – new themes, new wallpapers, better functionality blah blah. I’m just as bored of it as you are.
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Microsoft Gaffe Hints At Windows 7 Release Date
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
"Welcome to Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) Testing," said the memo, which bore a May 2009 date stamp and which was hastily removed by Microsoft once word
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Microsoft slip-up reveals Windows 7 date
Consumer Tech – Dublin,Ireland
Software | 30 Mar 2009 : An apparent slip-up by Microsoft has revealed the company’s expected date for a Windows 7 Release Candidate.
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Conficker worm might originate from China
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Americans that aren’t neither stupid or arrogant). by Mr. Dee March 29, 2009 10:06 PM PDT I guess I better turn up the UAC setting in Windows 7 to max!
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Getting Ready for Windows 7 – eLearning series with Mark Minasi
Storage – Cleveland,OH,USA
Mark explains what’s new in Windows 7 from soup to nuts to save you time and help you make an informed "upgrade or not?" decision. If your organization uses
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Windows 7 Starter Edition to pave the way for $200 netbooks?
By Donald Melanson
Microsoft still hasn’t nailed down all the specifics about its much talked about Windows 7 Starter Edition, but it looks like the company is all too happy to talk up a few of the potential side effects of the OS variant, including the
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» How Windows 7 Further Restricts Users: No Wallpapers
By News
With Microsoft working on the successor of Windows Vista, the eyes of the world have been focused on what Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) will bring to the table and on the most recent Windows 7 online leaks (Build 7068 ISO and Build
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Put Any Widget on Your Windows 7 Desktop | Sarah In Tampa | Channel 10
By sarahintampa
Amnesty Generator is free software for Windows PCs that lets you put nearly any widget on your desktop, including those from services like YourMinis, SpringWidgets, Widgetbox, iGoogle, and now the…
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Windows 7 Starter Edition AND 3 Applications Limit – Tweaking with
Windows 7 Starter Edition AND 3 Applications Limit.
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Lucky Number Windows 7 | Blogging Idol
By Chris Lau
Lucky Number Windows 7. History: 1995 was a nice year for Windows, when the company launched Windows 95. Then came Windows 98. So far, so good. Windows 7 leaked. Then something happened. Microsoft took a mis-step.
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