Anyone here not heard of Twitter yet?  Most likely if your a reader of this site you have and it is a terrific way to connect to others with similar interests in a very real time manner.

It is certainly different from IM – for me it is more like a bulletin board – read what you want, when you want and reply as you see fit.

There are a lot of users on Twitter who provide terrific support and assistance to new Twitter users to help you get onboard and working right away. 

One of the consistent suggestions is that you personalize your profile page with a bio that describes who you are and your interests (limit of 160 characters by the way – Twitter posts are limited to 140).

Another huge recommendation is to customize your profile page using the settings page to adjust the colors you want for your profile as well as the background image.  There are also 12 preset themes that you can use.


Now pre-prepared themes are fine but it is all about personalization these days.  So I went on a search of Twitter to commission someone to create my customized background for me – mainly because I am not very adept at the graphics thing anyway.

My search eventually landed me at the Twitter doorstep of @customtwit.

At his website he offers several free themes based on digital art, abstracts, gradients and patterns as well as regular photography.  Now please do not get me wrong – these are excellent free backgrounds however @customtwit’s real strength is in his design ability and creativity.

So I contacted him and started a dialog about designing my background.  I shared with him my interests, background, hobbies, etc. and then sent him several pictures of me in various situations.

From that he started the design process and through about 4 iterations until we eventually arrived at the below image:


Now it does look a little weird out here on its own however the real strength of @customtwit is making that image fit in and around your Twitter profile.

Take a look at it in the context of my profile. See how he has my picture looking up and at my Twitter timeline?  I am a Navy guy and he incorporated that with the picture and then provided me suggested color settings to match the color of the background.

Here is what the final product looks like:


I am very pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone looking to really personalize their profile background.  His rates are very reasonable and he guarantees his work – so no risk there at all.