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Microsoft weekend roundup: Win 7, GP 11 and more
I’ve seen a number of folks speculating this build could end up being earmarked as the Windows 7 Release Candidate. The timing seems about right,
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Week in review: Apple shuffles feathers
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
On the desktop side, Redmond says it’s done some work to make sure Windows 7 can run on Netbooks, the fashionable PCs du jour.
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Windows 7 Plus Windows Live Equal Love
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
By Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor Having ripped out traditional components from Windows 7 completely, including the default email, photo viewing,
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Microsoft Details New Changes to Windows 7
PC Magazine – USA
by Chloe Albanesius Just weeks after releasing a lengthy list of 36 improvements it plans to make to the release candidate (RC) of Windows 7, Microsoft on
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MS packs yet more tweaks into ‘near-ready’ Windows 7
Register – London,England,UK
The official Windows 7 blog lists the latest set of alterations expected in the RC here. Late last month Redmond announced 36 changes to the OS,
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Is Windows 7 reliable enough to release now?
Earlier today, I read about the latest leaked build of Windows 7 to appear on BitTorrent. The text on the desktop suggests that build 7057 is part of the
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Finding the Off Switch in Windows 7
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
People testing early versions of Microsoft’s next OS report that they’ve discovered a way to turn various programs off. I’m still waiting for somebody to
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OLPC urges Microsoft to make Windows 7 for ARM
Inquirer – Harrow,England,UK
By Stewart Meagher THE ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD foundation is planning to move away from x86 processors and will almost certainly specify ARM chips in the next
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Windows 7 Beta to RC Changes – Turning Windows Features On or Off – Sarasota,FL,USA
The theme of “choice and control” has been applied in many aspects of how we have designed Windows 7. We’ve certainly received lots of positive feedback
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Windows 7 bug fixes to include multitouch zoom for Explorer
By Joseph L. Flatley
of bug fixes and enhancements that Windows 7 users will be seeing as they make the journey from Beta to Release Candidate, you’d have thought that we’d heard the last of all that for a bit. But not so! It seems that Microsoft’s own
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New Windows 7 build leaks to Web, may be RC | The Industry Standard
By IDG News Service
A Windows 7 build that may be the first release candidate has leaked to the Internet, according to several file-sharing sites.Searches on, for example, found multiple copies of Windows 7
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Another 27 tweaks confirmed for Windows 7 – VISTA.BLORGE
By John Lister
Another 27 tweaks confirmed for Windows 7 Microsoft has announced a further 27 changes to Windows 7 based on user feedback. It comes as yet another new leaked edition looks suspiciously like a finished product.