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Windows 7 Boot Process Evolution, New Eye Candy and Code Changes
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
By Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor The evolution of the boot process in Windows 7 is synonymous with code changes bringing to the table new eye-candy
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Microsoft Preparing Windows 7 Test Patch Run
ChannelWeb – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Kevin McLaughlin, ChannelWeb Microsoft is preparing to issue a package of ‘updates’ for Windows 7 beta testers. The updates won’t contain any new
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Microsoft Research Social App Marries Web, Desktop
PC World – USA
A spokesman from Microsoft’s public relations firm stressed that Social Desktop is just a research prototype and will not be a feature in Windows 7,
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What do Windows 7 beta testers really want?
Windows 7’s testing and release schedule is like that for Office. (Given that Windows Engineering chief Steven Sinofsky ran the Office development team for
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Windows Management on the Mac- better than Windows 7
jkOnTheRun – Houston,Texas,USA
I have been happy with the improved window management that is built into Windows 7. Microsoft has done a good job making it simpler to handle multiple
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Microsoft Windows 7 Beta, Vista SP2 Updates Coming
eWeek – New York, NY
Microsoft officially announced updates to Windows 7 Beta, even as several Web sites trumpeted the issuing of a Release Candidate Build of Service Pack 2 for
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Microsoft to test Windows 7 auto-update feature
FierceCIO – Washington,DC,USA
Microsoft is set to deliver some patches to users of the beta version of its Windows 7 operating system next week. And it appears there are up to five
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Windows 7 updates next week: Don’t get too excited
ZDNet Blogs – USA
They won’t provide any new features, fixes or functionality for Windows 7. “We do typically verify update scenarios during a Beta, and releasing these test
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Microsoft news roundup: H1-B debate continues; Windows Mobile 6.5
Seattle Times – United States
Microsoft is preparing to test its software update service in Windows 7 Beta. Beginning Feb. 24, the company will release 5 test updates for the Windows 7
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Windows 7 Updates on 24 February – Mumbai,India
Microsoft has announced that it will roll out updates for Windows 7 Beta next week. In a blogpost on the Windows blog, Brandon LeBlanc mentions that the
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Redesigned Backgammon, Checkers, Spades for Windows 7 – Download Squad
By Brad Linder
Windows 7 beta has a ton of features that make the operating system easier to use and more visually attractive than its predecessors. There’s the new taskbar, the ability to make foreground windows transparent and see what’s on your
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Exclusive: Windows 7 RC set for April 10, 2009
By Sean Bradford
Just when you thought that we were going to see a Windows 7 RC by the end of February, a trusted source within Microsoft has informed Neowin that the RC will not be ready by the end of February. At this time, Windows 7 RC is internally / Main –

Rumor: Windows 7 RC Build to be released publicly April 10, 2009
By Al
Recent rumors about the beginning of development into the Windows 7 RC Branch caused a lot of excitement everywhere. Rumors about build 7048 being developed.
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Windows 7 – Tips and Tricks ~ The Blade by Ron Schenone, MVP
By Ron Schenone
First I want to give credit to my friend Jim Clark from Idaho, for sharing some of the tips and tricks that have been discovered in Windows 7. Microsoft has allowed the MVP’s a lot of latitude in not only testing Windows 7 but also
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Microsoft to release placebo updates for Windows 7 – Software
By Stevie Smith
Software titan Microsoft Corporation has today announced something of a non-announcement insofar as users of the Windows 7 beta will soon receive some distinctly indistinct updates that update absolutely nothing whatsoever. Joy.
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