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Windows 7 File Sharing Tool Released
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Paul McDougall In the latest sign that Windows 7 may be completed sooner rather than later, Microsoft has released a trial version of software that will
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Microsoft Dials in Windows Phones – CA,USA
What are the strongest parts of its portfolio: Azure, Live Mesh, SaaS, Visual Studio, Windows 7? Shoot your best supply-and-demand analyses to
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Samsung Q1UP Finally Gets the Windows 7 Treatment
jkOnTheRun – Houston,Texas,USA
As a last hurrah, I’m finally getting around to installing the Windows 7 beta. This effort will likely appeal to current Q1 owners only since I don’t see
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Get it right: Windows 7 does not have roots in Windows 3.1
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
On August 1, 2008, “e7blog” wrote a blog posting about how Microsoft intended to communicate with people interested in Windows 7. That same day, a reader
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Microsoft Distributes Windows 7 Release Candidate 1, Testers Say
Gizmodo – USA
By Jesus Diaz , 2:40 PM on Wed Feb 18 2009, 335 views According to some testers in Microsoft-centric forums, Windows 7 Build 7048 has been declared Release
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Use Bootsect to extract Vista or Windows 7 from a dual-boot
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
Taking the next step, I discovered that the same command line will also work to remove Windows 7 Beta from a dual boot configuration with XP.
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Windows 7 Beta on Asus Eee PC – Installation over 1.5 Hours
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
By Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor Testers that have already had a chance to play around with Windows 7, via the public Beta Build 7000 releases,
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10 reasons Vista haters will love Windows 7
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
Disgruntled Vista users, take heart: According to Deb Shinder, Windows 7 addresses many Vista annoyances and offers myriad improvements of its own.
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Hands on Guide to Windows 7: Lesson 9
PC World – USA
In the ninth in a 10-part series looking at the changes in Windows 7, our colleagues at InfoWorld take a look at notable features for IU administrators.
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Windows 7: Enterprise Features Explained
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
By Shane O’Neill , The lion’s share of attention about the Windows 7 beta has been on consumer features. The new taskbar with its jumplists,
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WinVistaClub releases OneWorld theme for Windows 7 – Download Squad
By Lee Mathews
OneWorld features five wallpaper images (compiled from other sources) and makes use of Windows 7’s desktop background slideshow feature. It’s designed to present an ever-expanding view of our place in the universe, from a cityscape,
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Microsoft Hardware Support For Windows 7 | Windows 7 News
Microsoft has updated the Windows 7 portal with information about Microsoft hardware support for the Windows 7 operating system. The information consist.
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Microsoft moves forward with Windows 7 Release Candidate | Windows
By Al
Microsoft is continuing its speedy work on Windows 7. News about the builds have leaked once again, and it is reported that Microsoft has finally moved away.
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Fix and Restore Windows 7 Boot Screen That Changes to Vista Style
By admin
Sometimes, the beautiful, elegant, high resolution animated and dynamic Windows 7 boot screen UI may be changed to or replaced with Windows Vista boot screen, normally when user adds a Windows 7 entry in boot menu or accidentally when
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Asus Eee 1000HA, 1000HG and T91 with Windows 7 and WiMAX | Mobile
By admin
Asus Eee 1000HA, 1000HG and T91 with Windows 7 and WiMAX.
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