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Microsoft’s 10 Unlucky Breaks
eWeek – New York, NY
If there is a blueprint for disaster, it’s Windows Vista. The product was jinxed from the very start. Microsoft promised features that were later dumped.
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10 Desktops and Laptops That Won’t Break Your IT Budget
eWeek – New York, NY
Starting at $519, the Acer laptop supports either Windows Vista Business or XP Professional, is powered by an Intel dual-core Celeron T1400 and has 1GB of
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Will There Be a Free Upgrade to Windows 7?
PC Magazine – USA
One of those questions asks, "How about the rumors that customers who buy Windows Vista after a certain date can get a free copy of Windows 7. Is that true?
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Microsoft Pushes To Boost Vista Before Windows 7
Sci-Tech Today – USA
By Frederick Lane Microsoft is using the fear factor to urge consumers and businesses to move to its much-maligned Windows Vista before Windows 7 is
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RE[3]: Congrats on FidelOS 0.1 :P – USA
Windows Vista or XP should be used in place of Linux or Solaris on the servers and all personal computers should be running Windows Vista.
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Microsoft: No free Win7 yet, but the option is left open
BetaNews – USA
Last December, it was TechARP that first blurted February as the target month in which Service Pack 2 of Windows Vista would be released.
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Skipping Vista? Take Precautions Says Microsoft
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By J. Nicholas Hoover Businesses should use Windows Vista as a proxy to test Windows 7 compatibility, Microsoft said Wednesday, releasing formal guidance on
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Some Vista users could get free upgrade to 7
TweakTown – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
If the rumors at TechARP are to be believed it looks like Microsoft might allow for a free upgrade to Windows 7 for some Windows Vista Users.
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4 Security Bulletins Patch IE in Vista SP1 and XP SP3, Exchange
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
in a range of software products including Internet Explorer running on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3, but also Exchange, SQL Server and Visio.
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Microsoft warns firms over skipping Vista to Windows 7 – UK
Many firms have stuck with Windows XP instead of upgrading to Windows Vista, on grounds of costs and unwanted Vista features. However, warns Microsoft
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Windows Vista 7 Icon Theme
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Vista netbooks bought after July 1st eligible for direct upgrade
By David Gonzales
In case you buy a netbook ‘puter that’s got Windows Vista already installed on it on or after July 1st of this year, you should know that you will be eligible.
Eee PC – Blog –

Five Ways to Curb Windows Upgrade Confusion – – Business
By Shane O’Neill
Windows XP shops don’t need to upgrade tomorrow, but they need to have a game plan. In an interview, Microsoft Windows senior director Gavriella Schuster discusses ways to navigate the XP, Vista and Windows 7 upgrade – Consumer IT –

How To Show Folder Name in Windows Vista Explorer Title Bar » My
By myhp
Whenever you open windows explorer in Windows XP, the folder name will be displayed in the window title bar. However, you probably may notice that this feature is no longer exist in Windows Vista due to certain reason.
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