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Hands on Guide to Windows 7: Lesson 4
PC World – USA
In the fourth in a 10-part series looking at the changes in Windows 7, our colleagues at InfoWorld take a look at application enhancements.
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Ubuntu Wipes Windows 7 In Benchmarks.
Slashdot – USA
twitter writes "Recent and controversial benchmarks for Windows 7 leave an important question unanswered: ‘Is it faster than GNU/Linux?
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Windows 7 Will Have Six Editions
Ars Technica reports that Microsoft has now confirmed that multiple versions of Windows 7 will be offered as well. Among the choices will be Windows 7
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Video Hands-On with Microsoft Windows 7
CIO – Framingham,MA,USA
What’s new in Windows 7? In this 10-part series of hands-on video lessons, we take you through notable features for IT admins, new networking series,
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Exploring Windows 7 on the Mac: installation via Boot Camp
Apple Insider – Herndon,VA,USA
By Prince McLean Mac users who have a need to run Windows applications or games may have good reason to keep an eye on the development of Windows 7,
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Microsoft Presents Its Upcoming Windows 7 Editions
EfluxMedia News – New York,USA
By Michael Todd Microsoft announced that its upcoming Windows 7 will be launched in six editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional,
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Windows 7 Internet Use on the Rise
According to the firm, it has been able to identify a steady increase in usage of Microsoft Windows 7, which is available in beta format.
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Micosoft Takes On the Elephant In the Room: Windows 7 and UAC
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA
….Much of the recent feedback has failed to take into account the ways that Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista at preventing malware from reaching the
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Windows 7 as a free upgrade? I don’t think so!
Give Windows 7 away for free to all Vista users. Most of the articles I read had padded out points 1, 2, 3 and 5, (because you can’t get on Digg or Slashdot
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Windows 7 ‘upgrade’ doesn’t mark XP spot
Register – London,England,UK
By Kelly Fiveash • Get more from this author The road to Windows 7 for Vista-shy customers who want to jump straight from XP to the upcoming operating
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Roger’s Security Blog : Both Sides of the Windows 7 UAC Problem
By rhalbh
I have to come back to the UAC problem again. I just read a good article from Larry Seltzer on Both Sides of the Win7 UAC Problem I think it is one of the first one I read, which takes the emotions out of the discussion and
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Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 | Web Talk
By Web Talk
If you love little tricks such as shortcuts, hot keys etc. to gain access to the main features available in Windows 7 and if you don’t like using the mouse.
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Another Windows 7 UAC Exploit Surfaces
By Chaos
As you probably know by now, Windows 7 introduces some new in-between modes for User Account Control (UAC). By default, Windows 7 (beta thus far) ships with UAC configured at the “N. –

Microsoft changes Windows 7 UAC after new exploit code surfaces
Microsoft changes Windows 7 UAC after new exploit code surfaces – A pair of Windows bloggers posted more proof-of-concept code today that subverts an important security feature of Windows 7, a problem Microsoft has known about for
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