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Microsoft Helping Partners Avoid Vista Repeat
ChannelWeb – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Kevin McLaughlin, ChannelWeb Windows Vista had more than its share of hardware- and software-compatibility issues, and that’s a big reason why the
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MOTU Ships Windows Wave RT Support For FireWire/USB2 Audio Interfaces – USA
Wave RT (Wave Real Time) is Microsoft’s new audio driver model for the Windows family of operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 (now in
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First Look at Windows 7’s Backup and Restore Center
Lifehacker – San Diego,CA,USA
Windows Vista was the first version of Windows to introduce a consolidated Backup and Restore Center, and Windows 7’s own backup center builds on it.
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RE[3]: Vista = ME
OS News – USA
Neil Cavuto and Fox delusions); the lack of movement to Windows Vista does not equate to a refuting or Windows Vista, or alternative operating systems.
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I’ll take an annoying Windows 7, if it’s more secure
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
According to the report, Zheng believes that because Windows 7’s User Account Control isn’t as annoying as it was in Windows Vista, Microsoft is leaving its
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Gamers, enterprises saying yes to Windows Vista
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
By Eric Lai February 2, 2009 (Computerworld) The Internet’s chattering classes may have already given up on Windows Vista, but two key segments of the PC
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Vista gets a halo effect from Windows 7
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Conventional wisdom says corporations have completely rejected Windows Vista. But I’m seeing evidence lately that Vista’s image is improving with age.
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Windows Vista stuck on single digit enterprise adoption
Register – London,England,UK
Legacy versions of Windows continue to dominate enterprise computing, with Windows Vista having moved very little in the last half year.
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TechRadar UK

The beginner’s guide to stress-free computing with Vista
TechRadar UK – London,UK
Windows Vista is also much more crash-proof than previous versions of Windows, so it’s less likely that a misbehaving media player or other unreliable
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Windows XP still powering 71 percent of business PCs
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Two years after the Windows Vista launch, XP is still the dominant business PC operating system in North America and Europe. Windows Vista “finally appears
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Vista Adoption in Enterprises Less than 10%
By (Thom Holwerda)
Forrester’s report is titled "Enterprises Warming To Windows Vista", but that’s only because they are trying to put a positive spin on the abysmal adoption figures of Windows Vista in the enterprise market. Last July, a report from that
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160 finest themes for Windows Vista
By Baishakhi
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Creating a Windows Vista Restore Point « the academy home blog
By theacademyhome
Creating a Windows Vista Restore Point. By theacademyhome. This week we begin with a video that outlines how you can create a restore point with Windows Vista. Creating a restore point is simple and can save your system from corrupt
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Jannah- towards His Open Doors: Windows Vista and the new Instant
By je m’appelle ema
upgrade your computer or lap top to Windows Vista… haha.. i love it… cause… its like touch screen feature..except you use a mouse… LOL but seriously.. you’ll come to love it too. Insya-Allah.. and one more thing.
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