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Windows boss weighs in on version 7 plans
ZDNet Asia – Singapore
And so we’ve got to satisfy a set of customers in Windows Vista now, we’ve got people announcing exciting new license numbers in terms of the continued
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PipelineFX Adds Vista Support To Qube
Gamasutra – San Francisco,CA,USA
Digital media software company PipelineFX announced that its render farm management system software Qube software now supports the Windows Vista operating
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Ars Technica

Testers get RC-Escrow build of SP2 for Vista and Server 2008
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
Microsoft has given testers the RC-Escrow build of Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Participants can grab it via Windows Update,
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Vista marketing program draws complaints from hardware makers
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
The marketing program was developed in response to consumer dissatisfaction with Windows Vista, explained Microsoft attorney Charles Rule.
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Windows 7 on a Mac Mini
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
With Vista, Microsoft ranked systems from 1.0 to 5.9, though with Windows 7 it is upping the highest ranking to 7.9, in addition to making some other tweaks
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IT Managers: Microsoft Financial Woes Least of Our Concerns – Southborough,MA,USA
About Windows Vista, he says: "Microsoft did not speak to IT managers and users about what they wanted and what they needed. It seems to have its own ideas
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Vista Internet Speed Tweaks – 3 Vista Internet Speed Tweaks You
Best Syndication – Pinon Hills,CA,USA
The easiest way to do this is scan your computer with a Windows Vista registry cleaner. If you are lazy like me and want to use a program that completely
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New software puts ‘sleepless’ PCs to bed – Southborough,MA,USA
It is installed on each client, but only on Windows Vista and XP machines at the moment, although the company tells us that it is considering Mac and Linux
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Consider these tips, Vista users
UNM Daily Lobo – Albuquerque,NM,USA
So Santa got you a new computer, and it runs Windows Vista. To try to minimize the pain and agony many Vista users experience, you may want to consider the
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Test Center: How secure is Firefox?
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
so be sure to run as administrator beforehand if you want it to install the browser into the normal Program Files folder in Windows Vista or another
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IPP, WinCE and Windows Vista – Intel® Software Network
Dear all,I need to link an application for WinCE with IPP.I’m using Visual Studio 2008, and Windows Vista.Would it be possible to build the intel samples in this environment, or do I have to install eVC 4 on Windows XP
Intel Software Network forums feed –

Measuring Windows Vista’s Impact on the Superhero world
Conventional reporters have covered the myriad failures of the initial release of Microsoft Vista, which has more bugs than the Watergate hotel during the primary season. Few have realized the crippling effects that this
The Taste of Freedom –

Microsoft Watch – Windows 7 – Windows 7: Model for Microsoft
Windows Client division is now best example and model for every other Microsoft division to follow. Windows 7 Beta 1 is remarkable resurrection. From the crash called Windows Vista comes a phoenix.
Microsoft Watch –

Data Privacy Day – Windows Security Blog – The Windows Blog
The Windows Security Center in Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista is one of the innovative tools that helps protects users from security risks. The program informs users if key security capabilities are turned on and
The Windows Blog –