I recently started using a very slick plug-in on my website to track stats – it is called StatPress Reloaded.  I have only had it running for a couple of days but an interesting thing has popped out of the details:


Almost half of the visits I have had in the last couple of days are from users on Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).  Now please do not get me wrong – I LOVE MY VISITORS!

However, I am concerned about your online safety.  According to the website Secunia there are 22 un-patched vulnerabilities in IE6.  Please do me a favor – go upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, currently IE7 is the latest final release with IE8 close to being done, then come back and keep on visiting – but upgrade your web browser.

Hey – I am even OK with you using Firefox or any other web browser and visiting my site – just get into something a little safer for online browsing!