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Windows 7 on Netbooks: Does Linux Stand a Chance? – Southborough,MA,USA
By Shane O’neill , CIO , 01/15/2009 Possibly Microsoft’s most important strategic goal for Windows 7, in addition to redeeming the brand damage done by
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Test drive: Windows 7 on a Netbook
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Still semi-jetlagged from Las Vegas, one of the very first items on our to-do list was to install the now widely available Windows 7 beta on a Netbook.
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Live Mesh no longer disables Aero in Windows 7
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
By default, the Live Mesh software should automatically update itself within 24 hours of the new build being posted but, in case you’re still on a earlier
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Live Mesh 0.9.3424.14 includes fix for Windows 7’s Aero
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
By Emil Protalinski | Published: January 15, 2009 – 12:02PM CT Days after Live Mesh received the Best Technology Innovation/Achievement award at this year’s
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Touching Windows Media Center 7
Zatz Not Funny – Washington,DC,USA
EngadgetHD had the best Windows 7 Media Center scoop from CES. They shot a great video of the Media Center 7 used with a touchscreen UI.
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Microsoft honing its ‘better together’ story for Windows 7 and
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Now that the Windows 7 Beta and Office 14 alpha are both out there, word is beginning to trickle out about some of the ways the two are being designed to
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Windows 7 ‘Incredibly Stable’, Intel Expert Says
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
Windows 7 and companion OS Windows Server 2008, at least when it comes to the beta versions, are a whole different ball game from Vista, says Intel software
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Install Windows 7 Beta on Your Mac with Boot Camp
Lifehacker – San Diego,CA,USA
By The How-To Geek , 9:00 AM on Thu Jan 15 2009, 5 views Are you a Mac user who wants to try Windows 7 to see what the fuss is about?
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Windows 7 Beta and the Acer Aspire One 3G – It works, sorta
Cnet Asia – San Francisco,CA,USA
A half hour later, the final reboot and configuration screens passed, I was taken into the Windows 7 environment. I won’t go through Window 7’s features or
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Netbooks: XP now, but Windows 7 later
Of course, XP is on its way out and Windows 7 is on its way in, and the faster the better, Microsoft hopes, to banish the image problems and slower adoption
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Windows 7: Superbar Overview
Even though the Taskbar is still named "Taskbar" in Windows 7, due to its fresh new look and awesome features, it is called as Superbar by many. The superbar has taken the Windows Taskbar to the next level since its launch in Windows 95 / All –

Windows 7 vs Windows Vista SP1 – An Observation ~ The Blade by Ron
As I previously mentioned I have installed Windows 7 on my test box which happens to be an older AMD 2800 with 2 G of RAM. I also mentioned that Windows 7 seemed quick, but I attributed this to a clean install.
The Blade by Ron Schenone, MVP –

IE8 on Windows 7
Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 8 comes on Windows 7 (of course) but I am unable to tell what version of IE this really is. Here is the About dialog from the one that comes on the OS by default:
Bill Evjen’s Blog –

List of Spyware Protection Software Compatible with Windows 7
If you are one of the many people testing the beta release of Windows 7, you should still make sure to keep your computer safe and secure. The other day we created a list of Anti-Virus software compatible with Windows 7, and today we’ll
Mysticgeek’s Realm –

UX Evangelist: Windows 7: Download Home Premium Beta 1
By Stephen Chapman
"By using this ID on the Connect site you can gain access to Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Server betas. With this connect access you can download the Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Server bits and request up to 5 keys."
UX Evangelist –

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Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux on the desktop – The Inquirer
Anyway I installed the 64 bit version of Windows 7 on my Phenom 9350e, Fair enough, it is not a SATA drive but it seems that Windows 7 leans on the