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Netbooks: The must-have gadget of 2009
Independent – London,England,UK
Intel’s low-powered Atom processor and run on the Windows XP operating system (slightly dated, but less troublesome than the subsequent Windows Vista).
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Why XP owners won’t love Windows 7
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
Microsoft is betting that Windows 7 will succeed where Windows Vista failed. But there’s one group of people who most likely won’t like Windows 7 any more
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How Much Microsoft Tax Do You Pay?
Microsoft Watch – USA
MDOP and Windows Vista Enterprise. The Vista Tax is one of Microsoft’s most enterprising. When Vista brought something new: Soiftware Assurance requirements
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Windows 7 Beta vs. Windows Vista – System Requirements
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
Windows Vista was easily qualified as a resource hog in comparison to its precursor, Windows XP, but judging from the five-year gap separating the two
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Set Up a Dual-Boot Configuration for Windows 7
PC World – USA
Ironically, it’s easiest for Windows Vista users, as that OS has built-in drive-partitioning tools. (And you thought it brought nothing new to the table.
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Microsoft lifts download limit for Windows 7 beta
Daily Download – San Francisco,CA,USA
The economy is in poor shape and it is a pretty poor time to try shoving substandard products like Vista and Windows 7 down our throat.
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Microsoft Opens Windows 7 Beta for 2 Weeks – Lake Oswego,OR,USA
Early response to Windows 7 has been generally positive, with the update addressing interface and functionality shortcomings in Windows Vista, while adding
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New Microsoft ads stress savings derived from software – Southborough,MA,USA
That US$300 million campaign was intended to spur interest in Windows Vista. But it was cancelled after about two weeks in the wake of criticism that the
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Windows 7 Beta 1 Free For All
eFluxMedia – USA
Windows 7 Beta 1 was introduced by Steve Ballmer as the best version of Windows ever. Yeah, I know that they said the same thing about Windows Vista,
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Can Windows 7 Revise Consumer Approval? | I Really Should Study!
Microsoft’s decision to use a time limit on Windows 7 beta’s availability is a common practice that it has used in the past. Over two years ago, when Microsoft released Windows Vista Beta 2, it was available for just over three weeks.
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| Windows Vista Guide |: Windows 7 : How to Dual Boot Windows 7
By ShaDow
Install Windows 7 on a Dual Boot with Windows VistaWindows 7 was finally released by the Microsoft on 9th Jan and was available for Download from their sites. So now if you have downloaded and want to install it , its not suggested
| Windows Vista Guide | –