Well what started as an exciting day – the availability of the Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview Program – has turned into frustration for everyone who wants to grab their own copy of the new beta operating system.

Microsoft has just let everyone know that the demand is very high and that they have taken things offline in order to add some infrastructure to make the experience better.

So what do you do in the interim?  Well if you jump on any search engine and enter the terms “windows” and “7” you will see tons of reviews, screenshots, pros and cons as well as anything and everything you want to know about Windows 7.

It is very obvious there is a lot of enthusiasm about this release for some reason and I can tell you that your patience will be rewarded.  My personal experiences with Windows 7 so far have been very positive.  Yes it is beta and will have some issues but I was lucky enough to be on the Vista beta and there is simply no comparison between Vista Beta 1 and Windows 7 Beta 1.

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