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Microsoft again extends Windows XP drop-dead date
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
OEMs include Windows XP discs with new PCs that they had "downgraded" from Windows Vista at customer request. The end-around XP’s retail sales retirement
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Building my Windows 7 ‘Time Machine’
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
After thoroughly botching this feature in Windows Vista, would Microsoft finally get it right with Windows 7? I’m pleased to report that, yes, Microsoft got
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Ode to Broken Windows
Channel Insider – New York,NY,USA
Let it be said that Windows Vista didn’t fail for a lack of trying. Microsoft had declared the drop-dead end of life date for new installations of Window
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Windows XP Gets Another Life … – USA
That would coincide with the rumored release date of Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista. While Microsoft has publicly said Windows 7 will ship in
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Download Windows PowerShell 2 CTP3 for Vista SP1 and XP SP3
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
According to Microsoft, Windows PowerShell 2 CTP3 has been designed to play nice with both the 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista
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Tech Ticker
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
Those systems, known as netbooks, typically run either Windows XP or Linux, an operating system based on freely available code. Windows Vista, which
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Pressure mounts for Microsoft to deliver with Windows 7
USA Today – USA
By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY SEATTLE — One thing you don’t see very often on corporate PCs and laptops: Windows Vista. Nearly two years after introducing
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Featured Desktop: Mac-Like Vista Christmas Desktop
Mac-Like Vista Christmas Desktop. By Gina Trapani , 12:00 PM on Tue Dec 23 2008, 3436 views. Reader Tom0630 has decked the hall that is his Windows Vista desktop with a merry Mac-like look. Here’s the rundown of what he’s got going on:
Lifehacker: Windows –

Extracting Individual Files from a Zip File (Win Vista)
Using Win Vista’s built in zip file extractor, after selecting INDIVIDUAL files to be extracted (NOT ALL FILES IN the ZIP file) I only see an option.
Windows BBS –

XP Just Won’t Die, So Microsoft Sorta Gives Up On Vista
Windows XP use has rumbled on far longer than Microsoft would’ve wanted (original termination was scheduled for January 2008) thanks to poor reception of Windows Vista. And now Microsoft has caved a little further, and extended the
Fast Company –

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