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Nearly 50% of IT Shops to Skip Windows Vista – USA
By Stuart J. Johnston: More stories by this author: While Microsoft maintains that Windows Vista is the most successful version of its iconic operating
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Komando’s Q & A: Create a wiki
Indianapolis Star – United States
Select Windows Vista Basic. Click OK. Next, disable the Sidebar. Click Start and then Control Panel. Select Windows Sidebar Properties.
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Windows: Just Another Program To Run On A Mac
Washington Post – United States
I’d tried Parallels and Fusion before, so these versions didn’t offer any huge surprises — even the fact that they still can’t handle Windows Vista’s Aero
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Zero-Day IE7 Exploits Missed On Patch Tuesday
Security Pronews – Lexington,KY,USA
Until a fix is produced, the company recommends running Protected Mode in IE7 in Windows Vista, and the default high security level on Windows servers.
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Microsoft acknowledges Internet Explorer zero-day attacks – Needham,MA,USA
Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and
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Macs Mean Business, But Are Windows Locked?
eWeek – New York, NY
The situation contrasts with Windows Vista. The same study revealed that only 10 percent of businesses had adopted the Microsoft operating system and that
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Windows 7 build 6956 performance test
This test will pitch Windows 7 build 6956 32-bit against Windows Vista RTM 32-bit and Windows Vista SP1 32-bit. Each system was fully patched with all
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PC Magazine

Internet Explorer 7 Targeted By Zero-Day Attacks
PC Magazine – USA
Technically all platforms, including Windows Vista, are affected, but a variety of mitigating factors muddy the picture: Protected Mode in IE7 on Vista
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Intel Releases Windows 7 Graphics Driver Model – Mumbai,India
The driver model is expected to be similar to Windows Vista. This release complements Microsoft’s announcement of not supporting hybrid graphics in Windows
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Windows Vista SP2 Beta
PC Magazine – USA
By Michael Muchmore Is Microsoft finally getting Vista right? The recent release of the Service Pack 2 beta is a step in the right direction.
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Another way to shut down Windows Vista quickly
By Web Talk
There are a lot of ways to reduce the time your Windows Vista takes to shut down. Here are a couple of tricks you may find very useful to have a fast shut down. Here instead you can find set of tricks to make your Vista quite fast.
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Rad Windows Desktops
By jjmcnab
Windows Vista with a Live Thumbnail Slider. Windows Vista with a Live Thumbnail Slider offers live previews of minimized applications in an attractive sidebar along with an embedded to-do list pinned to another sidebar.
Tech Noir –