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IBM Makes Another Run at Windows: Can It Do Better than OS/2 Did?
IT Business Edge – Louisville,KY,USA
On the other hand, general users have not been excited about Linux, UNIX, or even Windows Vista on their corporate desktops and they have more say about
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The Good and Bad in 64-bit Vista
Extreme Tech – USA
If you’re buying a computer this holiday season, you’re very likely to end up with Windows Vista. Not just any version of Vista, a 64-bit version.
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Microsoft spells out Vista SP2 contents
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
"To clarify, Hyper-V is not included in Windows Vista SP2," Allee said. "It is part of the Windows Server 2008 service pack." The confusion arose because
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China Digital TV Holding Offers PC-TV Tuner Solution With Windows (press release) – Salem,OR,USA
The DVB-C HDTV Tuner is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP Media Center Edition, and is attached to a computer via either a PCI connection or a
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Sun shows Microsoft how it’s done
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Maybe the company will get it right with Windows 7. The dev team has already corrected one of the more glaring flaws in Vista’s file backup utility: the
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Extensis Universal Type Server Adds Auto-Activation for Adobe CS4
MarketWatch – USA
In addition, Universal Type Server includes compatibility with Windows Vista (SP1) 64-bit edition enabling users to utilize the performance enhancements and
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Switch faster between multiple open windows
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Press the Windows key and Tab to get a 3D view of your open windows in Vista. Unfortunately, when you’re cycling through nine e-mails with similar subjects
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Microsoft Plans Windows 7 Beta for Mid-January – USA
The company already handed out pre-beta copies of the pending replacement for Windows Vista at two major developer conferences it held in Los Angeles in
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Top 5 Windows Vista Security Tips
By Chris
Keep Windows Vista up-to-date. Every platform always has things that doesn’t work the way it should, that errors are called bugs, and the only secure way to fix those bugs is keeping your operating system up to date.
Chris Pirillo –

Windows Vista SP2 Arrives
By sarahintampa
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 recently hit MSDN and TechNet and will become available for public download today, December 4th. Although some of the updates included in the bundle are hotfixes and other similar improvements,
Channel 10 –

Windows Vista SP2 Beta Available for Testing
4th, we will be making the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 SP2 beta available to everyone through a customer preview program," said Mike Nash, the head of Windows product management at Microsoft. "It will launch on TechNet and be
CRM Daily –

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta Download
By admin
Microsoft is making the betas of the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 available through their Customer Preview Program. Links are currently up for MSDN subscribers and Technet subscribers with public
Technology Blog –

64-bit version of Windows Vista ready for prime time?
And given the performance and higher memory capabilities with Vista 64, I’d say most people should be fine with the OS, unless there are specific programs or devices you want to use that you know are not compatible.