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Windows XP: Still for Sale
New York Times – United States
A. Microsoft has largely retired the popular Windows XP (the predecessor to the current Windows Vista operating system), but it is still possible to find
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Washington Times

LeBron Dumps Windows Vista
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Apparently, James appeared in ads promoting the launch of Windows Vista in 2007. So not only has Vista been an utter failure as an operating system,
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Used PCs Sought for Windows XP
PC World – USA
A lot of PCs have been disposed of because Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS has created a demand for PCs with greater hardware capabilities, according to a
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Windows 7 Makes Vista Valuable
Windows IT Pro – Loveland,CO,USA
Wins for Windows 7 The first eyebrow raiser came in the form of a couple of interesting promises. First, all drivers that work on Windows Vista will work on
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Ballmer Faces Deposition in Vista Capable Trial
Windows IT Pro – Loveland,CO,USA
Microsoft faces a class action lawsuit that charges it with deceiving consumers with its Windows Vista logo program, which labeled PCs as being either
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Apple vs. Microsoft Vista: Who’s Winning the Ad Battle?
CIO – Framingham,MA,USA
Windows Vista was released to consumers in January of 2007, and Microsoft’s "I’m a PC/Life Without Walls" ad campaign didn’t air until September of 2008,
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A future so bright Tux needs shades
Windows Vista has been a fiasco, and mobile form factors hit Linux’ sweet spot. (I’ve had this Australian Shiraz. Very drinkable.
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2009: The Year of Windows 7? – CA,USA
Yes, I realize that Microsoft officials are still citing their "three years after Windows Vista went generally available" ship date as the target for
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Vista kernel memory security bug found – Washington,DC,USA
By Kurt Mackie Windows Vista may have a potential buffer-overflow security problem, according to researchers at Innsbruck, Austria-based enterprise security
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Windows Vista "CreateIpForwardEntry2()" Memory Corruption
A vulnerability has been reported in Microsoft Windows Vista, which can be exploited by malicious, local users to cause a DoS (Denial of Service).
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How to run Vista Sidebar Gadgets in Windows XP
By whibb
There are thousands of Gadgets available for download for Windows Vista. But if you don’t have Vista, you can’t run them on your Windows XP machine. Though there are several other small little apps to do the job for XP.
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Startup Program Blocked by Windows Vista
By krystal
If you have upgraded to Windows Vista from a different Windows system one of the first things that you notice is the vast increase of firewall and safety features included in Windows Vista. This is, in my opinion,
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Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 Resource Center
We have a full range of titles that cover every type of user, from beginners to advanced, to help you learn all the new features of Office 2007 and Windows Vista.
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Train Signal Windows Vista Training Package
By vidyasru(vidyasru)
You get 19+ Hours of Training covering Microsoft Windows Vista. "Get your Hands Dirty" with this Real World Training that is 100% Instructor Led! In this course Scott Skinger will lead you through Scenarios and Examples that will have
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