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Microsoft: 1 in 10 Vista printer driver installations fail
BetaNews – USA
I think that there are key milestones along that journey; I think that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was a milestone, both in terms of the code that SP1
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Windows 7 to Extend Notebook Battery Life
PC Magazine – USA
by Mariella Moon According to jkOnTheRun, notebooks running on a pre-beta version of Windows 7 use less power compared to systems on Windows Vista.
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Test Center benchmarks: Windows 7 unmasked
Reseller News – New Zealand
Using a combination of the Windows Performance Monitor utility and some reference data I’d gathered from Windows Vista and XP, I began comparing the runtime
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Girl Talk Says ‘I’m a PC’ Despite Vista Snag
Wired News – USA
Sure enough, it turns out that AudioMulch, the software Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) uses on stage, won’t run on Windows Vista unless you make some tweaks.
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EnduraTalk – SIP Softphone by Ascent Telecom is now Windows Vista (Pressemitteilung) – Wien,Austria
Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is a latest operating system from Microsoft and has a lot of security enabled functionalities.
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Microsoft Reveals Vista SP1 Driver Installation Failure Rates
OS News – USA
One of the common problems when Windows Vista was released was that of missing or non-working drivers. Microsoft massively reworked many of Windows
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Microsoft opts for Windows 7 for next embedded release – UK
The announcement could also be seen as further evidence of the sidelining of Windows Vista. While Vista is available under a licence for embedded
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Are You Ready For Windows 7? – San Francisco,CA,USA
Their official statement is that Windows will ship within three years of the January 2007 consumer release of Windows Vista. Yay!
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Vista, SSDs and Disk Fragmentation – Framingham,MA,USA
This could be a problem for SSD laptops running Windows Vista, for by default Vista runs a scheduled task that regularly defragments your system drive.
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Windows 7 Faster than Vista or XP?
By Chris
Long Live Windows XP… to July 31, 2009 at Least (1); HP Says Microsoft is Inflating Vista Sales (7); Dell Upgrade: From Vista to XP for $50 (0); Dell Offers Windows XP Through June 26th (5); Windows Vista and Server 2008 to Get SP2? (1) –

Windows 7, Vista, and XP Bootup Benchmarks Updated
By Gina Trapani
As you can see, the Windows 7 Preview is just a HAIR speedier than Windows Vista, not the 20% we saw in the first set of tests (I attribute this to Service Pack 1), and way, way faster than Windows XP (8 and 6 seconds, respectively).
Lifehacker: Top, not Linux, not Mac –

Windows VistaWindows Sidebar – Uninstall a Sidebar Gadget
For various reasons you may wish to completely remove an installed Windows Vista Sidebar gadget. Perhaps you no longer use the gadget, or perhaps you downloaded and installed a Windows Sidebar Gadget and it did not work for your system.
New Computer and Technology Help… –