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The week in Microsoft: Vista SP2, Silverlight 2, Windows 7
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
Vista SP2 and Server 2008 SP2: watch this space. Microsoft has put up a knowledgebase article placeholder for Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2.
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Yamicsoft Vista Manager v1.5.8 Incl Keymaker-CORE
Seguí la Flecha – Buenos Aires,Buenos Aires,Argentina
Vista Manager, by CORE is system utility that you tweak, clean, and optimize Windows Vista. It?s supposed to increase your system speed and performance.
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Windows 7: How you can get it now
TopNews – Noida,Uttar Pradesh,India
It’s so demanding, in fact, that the edition of Vista called Windows Vista Basic, which is designed to run on less powerful machines, doesn’t even include
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Microsoft Pledges To Fix UAC in Windows 7
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Kevin McLaughlin, ChannelWeb The User Account Control feature in Windows Vista has been responsible for generating a significant amount of anti-Vista
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Ballmer: Windows 7 Is Vista, But Better
PC Magazine – USA
by Mark Hachman Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer characterized Windows 7 as an improved version of Windows Vista this week, prompting the question of
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How do I… Extend laptop battery life in Windows Vista?
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
If you have an updated laptop, more than likely you have Vista running that machine. And if you have Microsoft Windows Vista running your machine you might
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Windows 7: A rebadged, much better Vista?
TG Daily – USA
In fact, when the executive said that Windows 7 would be a Windows Vista with a cleaner interface and performance interface, it may sound like Windows 7 is
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Vista SP2 and Windows 7 by June 2009
By Tech skill(Tech skill)
The evolution of the Windows client, involving both Windows Vista (now with Service Pack 1) and Windows 7, appears to be closer than Microsoft is ready to acknowledge officially. Of course, Windows XP, even with Service Pack 3,
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Windows 7 like Windows Vista
By John
Windows 7 will be will be a major release, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claimed on Thursday. It will be like Windows Vista , but more so. “[I]t’s Windows Vista, a lot better,” said Ballmer during a Q&A session hosted by Gartner analysts
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Microsoft launches Windows Vista Compatibility Center
By Stuart
With over 180 million copies of Windows Vista sold since its launch, Microsoft has continued to invest in Windows Vista to make it even easier for customers to upgrade to the new operating system. The product itself has improved
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Under construction: Windows Vista SP3
By Cezar Renta
It’s clear that Windows Vista isn’ta dead OS, in fact, as we all know, the next operating system, Windows 7 is based on Windows Vista. It also seems that Microsoft is working at the next Service Pack for Windows Vista, namely SP2.
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Steve Ballmer himself Confirms that Windows 7 is still Vista in
By Milo
Windows Vista was hyped to uncontrollable proportions by Microsoft (WOW Factor) and when it came out blazing, the heat quickly went ice cold. This only tells me that Microsoft isn’t done with Windows Vista and most probably a lot of the
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