I posted a few weeks ago about installing Vista Ultimate x64 Edition on my desktop and how that experience went.  Since that time I have probably booted into Vista x64 less than 10 times and as for spending any amount of time in the OS – almost nothing – zip – zilch – nada.  Now that is certainly not a case of trying to convert to the 64 bit operating system.

Well I have decided today to make that move and really start using the 64 bit version of Vista to see if there is truly a difference in the reliability and use of the system.


I started with all my regular applications that I use and worked to get them installed.

What has worked so far:

  • Outlook 2007 (Outlook Connector as well)
  • Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Windows Home Server Connector Software
  • ActivClient Card Reader Software
  • Synctoy 2.0
  • Woopra Client
  • IE8 Beta 2
  • Twhirl (a Twitter client)

I did have an error after installing the most recent ATI/AMD drivers for my x1650 video card (yes I did use the 64 bit version).  Upon booting into the system after the installation Vista would not let the control center run.  I went ahead and just uninstalled the control center itself and left the drivers intact – so far I have not had any other errors.

I also think a power outage caused my computer to enter a strange sleep mode and I could not wake it up with the keyboard or mouse.  I think this is unrelated to X64 itself but I will keep an eye on it and update the blog with anything I discover about that.

So from today forward the default OS for my desktop system is the x64 bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate – hear we go into the wild blue yonder I guess!