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EMC’s Mozy Raises Interesting Questions About OSes And Backing Them Up
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
I use VMware’s Fusion so my Mac can host an x86 virtual machine (VM) that runs Windows Vista when I need it to. I’ll give Mozy a looksie.
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First Look: VMware Workstation 6.5 – UK
We installed Workstation 6.5 on a desktop system running Windows Vista Enterprise and a laptop running XP Professional. Version 6.5 is just as easy to use
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The only thing CEO Steve Ballmer knew about Microsoft’s Windows Vista Capable marketing campaign was what he was told by subordinates, and he should not
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Look who’s buying Vista Home Basic (hint: it’s not home users)
Who’s buying new PCs with Windows Vista Home Basic? Judging by the name, you’d assume those OS editions would be loaded on underpowered machines headed for
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Clouds on Vista’s horizon to be dubbed Strata?
engadget – Santa Monica,CA,USA
by Tim Stevens, posted Oct 9th 2008 at 3:29PM When Ballmer dropped a few sprinkles of information about Vista’s successor, he dubbed it "Windows Cloud," but
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Microsoft to improve Vista’s problematic UAC in Windows 7 – Southborough,MA,USA
On the company’s Engineering Windows 7 blog, Microsoft called UAC one of the "most controversial" features of Vista, and said it will tweak UAC in Windows 7
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Task Scheduler Changes in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
By CC Hameed
on the new Task Scheduler for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. In Part One, we discussed the new User Interface, Triggers and Task Conditions. Today we’re going to discuss Flexible Actions and Triggers, Security and Reliability.
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Vista users: Why wait for Windows 7? Get a better UAC now
By Dwight
Coincidentally, Symantec on Thursday released a replacement for the Windows Vista UAC that does almost exactly what I described. The Norton UAC Tool – currently in beta — changes the way the Vista feature works, letting you indicate in
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Vista experience for ur windows XP
By (s)
With VistaMizer you are now able to transform your Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003 by giving it the look of Windows Vista.Therefore over 380 files with new Icons, pictures as well as videos are modified. This means that VistaMizer does
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Windows Vista’s WoW campaign
By Ashish Sinha
Windows Vista’s WoW campaign Windows Vista has teamed up with Sunidhi Chauhan for it’s; Microsoft gets Desperate to sell Vista. Will offer XP for free Vista, the operating system that took MS hell lot of; Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment: to Indian Startups –

Windows Vista Application Compatibility Downloadable List
By Aaron Parker
Here’sa download that’s quite timely as I’m looking at application compatibility as a component of my Windows Vista deployment project: Windows Vista Application Compatibility Downloadable List for IT Professionals
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