Remember the whole idea behind Windows Vista Ultimate?  Just to jog your mind – the idea was that you would pay extra for this version of the OS and receive, free of charge, various sundry upgrades/updates that can be downloaded from the Windows Update site during the life of the OS.  All of these were intended to only be for those who purchased Vista Ultimate.

Well it has been a disappointment across the board for many, myself included.  Very limited things have been offered that are truly ultimate extras (a game, sound packs, language packs, some encryption tools, and Dreamscene content).  This Wikipedia entry explains the concept and the criticism of the Ultimate Extras concept.

The whole reason for the explanation is that Microsoft has actually released some updated Extra’s for download today and I wanted to tell you about them.

In this 120MB download are a game called Tinker, a sound pack based on the Tinker game and three additional Dreamscenes (which all look alike – their motion is rippling water).

I am glad to see something from the Extras team but I personally think this continues to be too little, too late.  If you spent the extra money on the promised extras then your no doubt disappointed because many people expected much, much more.


Microsoft Tinker Game (Main Page)


Microsoft Dreamscene Content Update