It ultimately came down to wanting to be able to keep up with my two favorite EA Sports games.  Plus a suggestion from a Twitter friend – Brandon LeBlanc.

I recently wrote an entry about the fact that 2008 was the first year that Madden and Tiger Woods was not coming out for the PC as well as a few other EA Sports titles – see the linked post for all the gouge.

So with the opportunity – and the recent XBOX 360 price drops announced by  Microsoft – I decided to go for it and move some of my gaming activity over to the console world.

So far – so good.  Set-up is as easy as hooking a DVD player to your home system.

I am impressed with the quality of the graphics and the quickness of the system  I purchased Tiger Woods 2009 to start my gaming with and the HD quality of the graphics on my 32 inch Olevia HDTV is remarkable.  Since I already had my TiVo hooked up with a component cable I went ahead and used the HDMI port on the back of my XBOX to feed the video and audio to the HDTV.  Again – the crispness of the in game graphics as well as the XBOX interface is just superb!  The wireless control is very reliable so far and fairly comfortable in the hands.

The console I got was the “Go Pro” version with the 20GB hard drive – the build date on the unit was 11 May 2008.

After getting everything set up I ran a CAT5 cable from my work office to the front room for the console and plugged up to get online and it was simple to do as well.  As you can se above I got signed up for XBOX Live and got my Gamertag. Someday I will probably go wireless to keep connectivity up at all times.

Anyway – I am glad I had the ability and opportunity to try out the console – I am very pleased so far and look forward to learning more about the community.