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Rick Maybury: Houston, we have a problem… – United Kingdom
Q: Windows Vista has proved a dead loss. I have available Windows XP with Office 2003. Can I run two the two operating systems in tandem? …
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Will Vista Have Its Day?
PC World – USA
Readers debate whether Windows Vista will succeed in winning over users, trade Web tricks, and slam Comcast’s broadband caps. I’m sorry to announce that …
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12 Unnecessary Vista Features You Can Disable Right Now
PC World – USA
Uncheck Start Sidebar when Windows starts, and then click OK. Microsoft put a lot of Vista’s visual enhancements under one technological and marketing …
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The computer helper: Vista startup and shutdown woes – Feature
Earthtimes (press release) – London,UK
But that was before Windows Vista. Microsoft’s latest operating system sometimes has users scratching their heads in confusion when, for example, …
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Sony Unveils Three New All-in-One Desktop PCs With Blu-ray Technology
MarketWatch – USA
It comes pre-installed with Windows Vista(R) Home Premium operating system. The VAIO JS All-in-One model comes in black, silver and pink and starts at …
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Ultimate Steal returns, adds Vista Ultimate upgrade for $65
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
This year, Microsoft is also offering Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 upgrade for $65, Office Visio Professional 2007 for $56, and Office Languages Pack 2007 for …
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Review: Sony’s Build-to-Order Vaio
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
Using Intel’s Centrino 2 (aka Montevino) line of processors, the BZ560 comes with a Windows Vista Business license that can also be downgraded to Windows XP …
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Microsoft Windows Vista: How To Improve The Speed Of Windows Vista (Pressemitteilung) – Wien,Austria
September 3, 2008 – It seems the days of Windows XP are numbered, and soon people are getting accustomed to use Windows Vista on their computers. …
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Major Unofficial Upgrade for Microsoft® Windows® Vista and XP Released (press release) – USA
Extensions for Windows is the first community driven, modular upgrade for Windows XP and Vista and contains a number of new features Windows users have …
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Upgrading to Windows Vista: Is Your hardware ready? Are You?
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
Overview: With Windows Vista® finally shipping, customers who want to upgrade or migrate to the new OS have a number of choices to make. …
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Kingdom values and Windows Vista
By James Cary(James Cary)
Microsoft Windows Vista – buggy, tricky but ubiquitous. The safe choice. No-one ever got fired for buying Microsoft (except a guy at Apple Mac Head Office, presumably). It’s familiar and there’s lots of help available. …
Best of Both Worlds –

Schedule Windows Vista Shutdown with Vista Shutdown Timer
By Raymond
In Windows XP, we can use the -t switch to specify the amount of seconds for time-out period before the computer shuts down. You can specify any number of seconds of your choice. However in Windows Vista, the -t switch has been limited …
Raymond.CC Blog –

Disable Windows Vista Startup Sound (Tutorial Thursday)
By Ajay
Windows Vista Performance and Tuning (0); Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 (0); Making Windows Vista SP1 permanent (Windows Wednesday) (0); DriveSentry (Security Saturday) (0); Disable annoying Vista UAC popups (Windows …
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The Windows Vista Compatibility Center
By Chris Jackson
If you need the vendor to support it, the fact that it’s shimmed means, almost by definition, that it doesn’t truly work on Windows Vista without a little help. And the fact that it doesn’t truly work almost always means that it’s …
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